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Visit to BEMA Homes, Sauka Abuja: 15th April 2011

On the 15th of April, 2011, AWACIO went to Bema Homes at Sauka District in Abuja with Mrs. Adelakun (Principal of African International College) and Mrs. Joy (the Head Mistress of African Community School). Bema Homes and school for the less privileged are owned by Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Gerik. The home was opened in September, 2001 at Idu Industrial layout but due to demolition the home was moved to Lugbe (airport road) alongside the school, but in 2007 the management decided to move the homes to Sauka. The school for the less privileged is the only school in Sauka District; which has about 9 villages within the district. The school is managed by the owners and is free of charge; this encourages parents to enroll their wards to be educated them. The school for the less privileged has classes to primary 4, after which the best students are transferred to the school in Piwoyi (Airport road) to finish the remaining classes. They have 125 students presently, the school is still in session so as to meet up with the requirements of Primary Education Board.
AWACIO gave them food stuff and a cheque, as part of the organizations support to the homes and the school of the less privileged. Furthermore, the Homes has 11 orphans presently of which the oldest amongst them is a crippled young girl (15yrs) by name Patricia and a deaf and dumb boy, while the youngest is a girl (1yr) by name Peace. Mr. Benedict empowers the children through skill acquisition by inviting a specialist that teaches the children how to make beads, sewing, baking, and others. Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Gerik expressed their heartfelt gratitude over AWACIO visit and also encourage us to visit them some other time. However, they explained to us the challenges they are having such as the orphanage up-keep, difficulties in financial aspect of running the school, transportation to mention the few.
Finally, CEO of AWACIO Dr. (Mrs.) Okeke Claudia congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Gerik on the work they are doing to raise future leaders, that God will be with them and meet them at the point of their needs.