Electricity Distribution and Marketing RENL has the capability to act as the final stage in the delivery of electricity to end users. We believe that we can play a pivotal role in delivering competitive energy supply. We are committed to working with customers to ensure that we provide a service that fits in with their specific needs. RENL undertakes marketing campaigns in order to:
1. Acquire new customers
2. Provide services to existing customers
3. Promote awareness of our brand
4. Compete with other suppliers

RENL will ensure that all of the sales or marketing agents who work for us are trained to a high standard and clearly understand the following information:
• The arrangements for competition in the market.
• The price indices.
• The terms and conditions of supply.
• The methods of payment offered.
• The duration of the contract.
• Our responsibilities contained in our marketing and other customer codes of practice.

Our Services

Electrical Works

RENACS ENGINEERING NIGERIA LIMITED has manpower with extensive experience in power generation, substation development, voltage transmission, and power distribution. This experience provides R.E.N. with the capability to handle any urban electrification, rural electrification and electrification of buildings.

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Power Distribution Injection Substation

The key to all electrification projects is the power source. RENL can provide base load or standby power stations in diesel, mini hydro, wind power and solar power.The provision of electricity to remote communities or smaller urban population is the key to development and industrialization, but more importantly

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Diesel Powered Generating Sets

The most common means of local generation is by means of diesel engine driven alternators and these have proved to be the simplest method and generally in terms of capital cost the cheapest form of installation.However, as a diesel generator is run on a non-renewable source of fuel, its running costs are dependent on the

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Mini hydro Powered Generating Stations from 50kw up to 10mw per set

The oldest source of power the world has known is water and harnessing it to generate electricity is one of the oldest forms of generation. Where possible, large dams and turbine stations are incorporated to gain maximum advantages from available hydro sources. These large schemes form part of the countries main power network

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Wind Generation Stations

Where relatively constant wind is available, particularly on hills or in coastal regions, wind generation is a practical proposition. This has positively been seen to be the case for small island communities where supplies of fuel oils are costly and difficult to maintain in bad weather and other forms of renewable fuels are not available. Also the advanced technological designs of aerofoil’s are increasing the efficiency of wind power and progressively achieving greater electrical power output.

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